Noise pollution by a factory in Vadodara leading to sleepless nights in neighbouring residential area received the following complaint, along with a video, from a citizen, Mayank Dabhi from Vadodara, which we are publishing in order to facilitate the concern express by him about noise pollution:

I live in Savgan Society in Vadodara. There is a factory just besides our society which only works at night from 10 pm to 6 am, and reproduces noise at 75 db to 79 db (measured by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board – GPCB). We, the people of of society cannot sleep at night. Moreover the factory is on a residential plot. I wonder if anyone can help me on this or give me some suggestions.

I have already visited the GPCB, but no proper action has been taken.They only suggest me to visit SDM (court). But it is in their hands to control the noise pollution. They have the right to control the pollution by enforcing the laws on factory.


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