Gujarat Dalits faced injustice during PM’s tenure as chief minister. Where was his compassion?

A Rohit community boy taking out plastic from the carcass of cow while skinning it

The text of an open letter to the former Chief minister of Gujarat and the present Prime Minister of India by Navsarjan Trust executive director Manjula Pradeep:

Finally you ended your silence on atrocities on Dalits in Una town and murder of three Dalit youth in police firing in Thangadh town. But Dalits of Gujarat want to question you about certain facts relating to your tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Why did your remain silent as Chief Minister on the serious incidents of atrocities on Dalits in Gujarat?

  1. When the police of Gujarat fired on Dalits of Thangadh, using AK-47, killing three innocent Dalit youth (2 minors), you were just 55 kms away in Limbdi town addressing Swami Vivekanand Yuva Vikas yatra. Why was your compassion for Dalits absent then?
  2. During your address in Hyderabad you said that if you want to shoot a Dalit then shoot me, so we the Dalits of Gujarat want to know that when the three Dalit youth were killed by police firing, why did you remain silent and also did not the families of the victims to show empathy? Your silence is bothering us.
  3. An investigation report was submitted to you, by Shri Sanjay Prasad, and to the State Home department on 1st May 2013, but no further action is taken until now? Why are you keeping silent on the same?
  4. The accused police in Thangadh incident are moving around and CID crime has filed C-summary in two cases. Despite of this why are you keeping silence?
  5. In the name of cow protection, people have opened shops in the country and 80 percent of cow protectors are anti-social elements. You have advised to make dossier of them, but how many shops of the cow protectors were closed when you were the Chief Minister of Gujarat? The citizens of this country want to know.
  6. A report titled “Understanding Untouchability” was released by our organization in 2010, when you were the Chief Minister of Gujarat. But instead of accepting the findings of this court, you condemned it and asked the CEPT University to do a similar report. For past two years, the Gujarat government has also not taken any crucial steps to abolish untouchability in Gujarat. You have failed to fulfil the responsibility as per the Constitution of India and you have not uttered a single word to end untouchability against Dalits? Where is your compassion on this issue for Dalits of Gujarat?
  7. During your tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, Rs 5550 crore remained unspent in the budget for development of Dalits in Gujarat. Where was your compassion for Dalits at that time?
  8. Why 40,000 government jobs for Dalits, Adivasis and OBCs have not been filled until now in Gujarat?
  9. Just like other states of India, why the Government of Gujarat is not enacting law for reservation of Dalits and tribals in public sector and ensuring its effective implementation?
  10. If you are really serious to economically empower Dalits of Gujarat, then why are you not enacting law for reservation in private sector and implementing the same?
  11. Responsibility for removal of carcasses is given to social justice committee, as per the Gujarat Panchayat Act, 1993, which is against the rights ensured in the Constitution of India and is imposing caste based forced labour. So why these caste based occupations are the responsibility of the social justice committees in Gujarat?

The Dalits of Gujarat faced injustices in the above mentioned aspects, during your tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat. If you had shown the kind of compassion during your tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, which you are showering on Dalits for past few days, then there would have been no need for us to submit this statement to you.

If you have true compassion for Dalits of Gujarat, then we demand a response from you on the above-mentioned issues.


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