PM must listen to his own mann ki baat, save Vadodara’s 24,000 parrots facing displacement

parrotsParyavaran Mitra’s Mahesh Pandya writes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi*, requesting his intervention for saving the 24,000 parrots’ homes in Vadodara, Gujarat:

Paryavaran Mitra is a Gujarat-based voluntary organization working on socio-environmental issues since 1997. Our organisation is active in bringing awareness in matters of environmental and climate change issues and imparting education on the same.

We would firstly like to appreciate your vision and initiative towards the protection of natural environment, taking into consideration the habitat of the flora and fauna living there, which you spoke about in your latest talk in “Mann Ki Baat’. You mentioned about the climate change issues, touching on the sparrow conservation efforts, and how global warming is affecting the natural habitat of these species. We agree with your words and spirit in conserving and protecting these species, as is our motto and goal to do the same.

“Shri Prashant Kumar Mishra, Shri TS Kartik and many such friends have expressed their concern about birds during the summer… In our country, we are traditionally imbued with a sense of symbiotic co-existence with animals, birds and nature yet it is necessary that collective efforts in this regard should be emphasized… When I was Chief Minister of Gujarat, Syedna Sahib, the religious leader of Dawoodi Bohra community, had completed his hundred years. He lived till 103 years. As part of the celebration of his 100th year, the Bohra community society had launched a huge campaign to save the sparrow under the aegis of Burhani Foundation. I had the opportunity to inaugurate it. Nearly 52,000 bird feeders were distributed in every nook and corner of the world. This effort also found a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records…”

We extremely appreciate these sentiments towards the conservation of the bird species and understand your affection in protecting them. Pertaining to the topic in hand, we wish to bring to your notice the issues in Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat. Abode to about 24,000 Rose Ringed Parakeet (one of the species of parrots) are 200 trees in Alkapuri, Vadodara.

A study conducted by Prof Geetaben Padte of Zoology Department of MS University along with her students did a count of the trees in that area and found 200 trees present there. The people of Vadodara believe that due to road widening in the mentioned area, there are chances that these trees will be chopped off, causing problems for the parrots inhabiting in those trees. This issue was brought to our notice, and we request you to look into this matter and take up immediate environmental steps as also necessary action.

We wish to inform you that our organisation is not against any development projects, urbanisation and industrialisation or progress that happens for society; we only wish that there is minimum collateral damage done to the natural environment. Our only request lies in the conservation and protection of the trees in Alkapuri which are the home to the Rose Ringed Parrots, along with your immediate help and direction to the Government of Gujarat.

Another demand from us is to have a national policy on tree cutting and give a natural habitat to the birds, in regards to policy intervention on environmental matters of dire help.

We have attached with this the newspaper clipping of an article in a renowned Gujarati newspaper; published on 1 May, 2017.

*Copies of the letter sent to Gujarat chief minister Vijaybhai Rupani, Municipal Commissioner, Vadodara, Dr Vinod R Rao (IAS), Gujarat chief secretary Dr JN Singh (IAS), and vice-chairman, Niti Aayog Arvind Pangariya


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