Lucknow varsity 
being pushed down the same path as other major institutions of higher 

Prof Roop Rekha Verma 

All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE) statement on the Lucknow University administration’s suppression of peaceful student protest on the Campus and 
attack on academicians and writers:

AIFRTE expresses shock and outrage against the action of the Lucknow
University’s current Vice-Chancellor and his administrative officials 

  • Denying admission to 25 students on grounds of `indiscipline’
 because they had participated in a black flag demonstration against 
the UP Chief Minister and the Vice-Chancellor during the last
  • Charging students who were sitting on dharna in protest against this 
blatantly anti-democratic and punitive action with causing violence 
when some unknown elements created trouble as the V.C. was passed by
 in his car on July 4th 2018, days after the dharna had begun;
  • Arresting Pooja Shukla, a university first divisioner who has been
 denied admission, who was on hunger strike but was badly manhandled by 
the police although she was suffering from hypertension and
  • Registering an FIR against Prof Roop Rekha Verma, a well-known and
highly respected faculty member and ex- Vice-Chancellor of the
University, on the false charge of instigating the violence although
she was not even present on the campus when the incident occurred.

Prof Roop Rekha, along with literary critic Virendra Yadav and well-known poet Naresh Saxena and faculty members and student activists had
 expressed solidarity with Pooja Shukla and joined her dharna on July
3rd, demanding that the administration resolve the issue amicably in
the interest of the students.
 This series of events shows unmistakably that Lucknow University is 
being pushed down the same path as other major institutions of higher 
education across the country.

These institutions, including FTII, 
IITs, and universities like JNU, Hyderabad, Jadavpur, Allahabad, AMU,
 Delhi etc., are being staffed and headed by RSS persons and those
close to the Sangh Parivar’s way of thinking. ABVP students are being 
directed and encouraged to create conflict and discord on campuses
 against democratic and progressive students and faculty so that the
 administration can move against them to stifle any democratic
 protests, and accuse them of outrageous actions including creating 
violence, `anti-nationalism’ and even sedition.

AIFRTE asserts that the right to protest peacefully and to express 
solidarity with democratic protests is fundamental to the letter and
 spirit of India’s Constitution and is an integral part of a healthy 
academic atmosphere in institutions of higher education. The act of
 politically motivated administrations to suppress these legitimate 
democratic activities and impose punitive penalties on members of the 
academic community constitute a grave threat to the proper functioning 
of these institutions and to the society at large.

AIFRTE demands that:

  • The students’ issues be speedily resolved
through dialogue, and
  • Fake charges against Prof. Roop RekhaVerma be withdrawn immediately


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