About 85% of diabetes patients can be cured: It should take 21 days to change life style


Oasis Movement, a Vadodara-based NGO, has claimed that it is scientifically proven that diabetes can be cured. It has taken up an awareness campaign towards this end. An Oasis note:

“When I was active in my physiotherapy practice, I came across a patient whose half of the body was paralyzed. While taking the case history I came to know that she needed dialysis thrice in a week (her both kidneys were not functioning!) Her eye-sight was almost gone. She had got two of her toes amputated. Her foot soles were numb since long. The major reason behind all these was her diabetes for the last 22 years.

“We cannot imagine how painful it is for her and her family to take the paralytic body thrice to hospital for dialysis. For the first time in my life, I realized how devastating Diabetes can be. I feel helpless with pain when I see such patients whose life is afflicted and ruined physically and financially. As I was ignorant that Diabetes can be cured, so were many other doctors, at that time; let alone the vast majority of the patients.”

This was what is what one of the Oasis volunteers said during a recent seminar organized by Oasis on the subject, “Diabetes can be cured”. Today there are more than 7.5 crore people in our country who are diabetic, and the figure has doubled in just the last 15 years. India is considered to be the capital of diabetes in the world. 40 crore people are suffering from diabetes in the world today, and by 2030, the figure will cross 50 crore. The pity is, majority of the patients do not know that diabetes is curable.

Oasis is trying to spread the right understanding through seminars. Out of 40 crore diabetic patients worldwide, almost 85% are suffering from type-2 diabetes. And the major reason for type-2 diabetes is insulin resistance. And the reason for having Insulin Resistance is Intramyocellular Lipid, fats stored in droplets in muscle cells.

Oasis is making efforts to increase awareness about diabetes in people at large: seminars, talk-shows, dialogues between doctors and patients, including through WhatsApp, Facebook with all the available medium, trying to spread the message.

Not only that, Oasis has translated the famous book ‘Reversing Diabetes in 21 days’ by the founder of the movement “Diabetes Free India”, Dr Nandita Shah in Gujarati  ‘21 Divasma Diabetesni Pichhehat’. In this book, everything a person needs to know about diabetes is presented in such a lucid language that any common man can easily understand. The objective is to take the science behind curing diabetes to thousands and lakhs of people through this book.

Giving more information, Oasis health education’ project facilitator Dr Neha Vakharia said, “Oasis doesn’t stop here, and we have organized a 21 days retreat also. Diabetes is Life-style disease and we know how difficult it is to change habits. We need a minimum 21 days to change any of our habits and so the retreat is for 21 days. Out taste sense changes every 21 days, and so if we keep away from things we love but are detrimental to us, we can change our habit easily. And also, when we are away from things detrimental to our body, the damage is stopped and the body starts reversing for better.”

Oasis gives a guarantee to diabetes (type-2) patients that in 21 days their diabetes will start reversing. Just by changing life-style people can get rid of loads of medications, hospital visits, affiliated major health problems invited by diabetes, big fat medical bills and so on. Change is one person and his own experiences will change the beliefs of other people. And people will start believing that diabetes (type-2) is curable.

Oasis poses serious questions to all diabetes patients: Though Doctors will treat you and medical insurance companies will pay your bills, the loss of vision due to Diabetes is yours, the pain incurred by kidney failure is yours, the risk increased on life by heart attack is yours, the suffering due to skin diseases and non-healing wounds is yours, losing hard-earned money on medical bills every year is yours.

Has anyone cured diabetes simply with medications? So, want to wait for more detrimental complications arising from diabetes or cure it? Want to live as a pitiable, helpless and torn person though having enough money at one’s disposal or want to live a healthy, happy life? Isn’t it a wise and very reasonable decision to take out 21 days and start reversing diabetes by changing life-style?

In every seminar, every personal or group sitting, Oasis appeals to all patients suffering from diabetes and obesity that life is invaluable, you are invaluable, just don’t waste your life. It is not at all necessary to succumb to the disease. Getting cured and being healthy is possible.

Those who want to have the book, a free seminar in their organization or want to take part in retreat can send SMS or Whatsapp on Oasis mobile No 9904342159. You can visit Oasis website on www.oasismovement.in.

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