Oasis Misaal: A unique competition to identify and nurture future leaders

By Vinit Jain*

Swami Vivekananda once proclaimed to change India if given a hundred Nachiketas. Today when India is plagued by deep-rooted issues such as poverty, corruption, unemployment, and pollution; we need Nachiketas now more than ever. Especially when the country’s more than 50% of the population is aged below 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35.

It’s a sad truth that we can produce world-class professionals in various fields but cannot produce enough youths who dare to face country’s problems and are ready to put in their efforts to bring substantial change. Identifying such young leaders, nurturing them and showing them the right direction is of paramount importance.

For the past 31 years, Oasis Movement has been working for character development and leadership development of such kids, teenagers, and youngsters through regular programs and courses. Oasis aims to prepare confident and responsible young leaders who live their lives happily, to build teachers who can bring change in our education system and the country. Not only should youth become a part of a crowd/community but should also be an example for the majority of the society.

Some teenagers and youths firmly believe that they are born to do some great work, who believe that they can bring a positive change in the society. However, many of them are confused waiting for the right opportunity, right platform. Well, here’s the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. ‘Misaal,’ a National Level competition has been launched on June 18.

This competition, spanning 45 days, has been organized for two age groups – school students and college youth. The four stages of this competition are Essay Competition, Group Dialogue, Project Work and Leadership Development Program. In these four stages, various aspects of character/character of children and their skill will be uncovered and developed.

The winners who manage to pass through these stages will beawarded Oasis’s Greatness and Leadership Development and Advanced Leadership Program, the best leadership course in the country along with Leadership course through Trekking camp and Military Training. They will be getting the chance to get financial honorarium under the serve-learn-earn program. Besides, they will be provided with all the help, guidance and opportunity so that they can build the land of their dreams.

In the past two years, more than 10,000 participants have participated in Misaal in Gujarat. This time, this competition has been launched all over the country.

Misaal is a unique opportunity for children/youth who dream for making India better. Teenagers and youths of age 14-25 can participate in this competition. You need to download ‘Oasis Misaal’ mobile Android application from Google Play Store. To know more about this, please contact + 91-7211157305 or send an email at ahmedabad@oasismovement.in.

*With Oasis, Ahmedabad

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