London-based human rights activist on Covid, migrant workers, caste system, untouchability, CAA

Gary McLelleand

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat*

#Humanistprism is a new series of conversations started by Humanist International, London and it was an honour to be the first guest at it interviewed by Gary McLelland, the Executive Director of Humanist International. The conversation was informal and there was no fixed format.

Being the first one, perhaps it might have been a bit unpredictable about the questions but I hope I could respond them accordingly. The questions were wide ranging right from Covid, migrant workers, Caste system, untouchability, CAA and other issues. So it is quite wide ranging.

It is over an hour but I hope one will find it useful to listen to it. Hope those watching the video will spare time to listen to what he says.

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