90 day action plan in response to UN red alert on global climate and ecological crisis

By Chandra Vikash*   

We live in a globalized and dominantly urbanized society where 99% of all humans are both vulnerable and disadvantaged and 100% of them face extinction within 2-3 decades if the present self-destructive world order with fatal flaws, continues any further.  Few such are a. the mass private ownership of the automobile b. artificial air-conditioning c. piped water and water pollution d. piped electricity and e. light and electro-magnetic fog pollution. To illustrate, more than 5 billion and fast breeding numbers of “Car Bombs” – Weapons of Mass Destruction – hide behind a thick smokescreen of a widely promoted and delusional “Car Culture”. Artificial air-conditioning culture similarly is a smokescreen to hide the poor design of the built-up environment and/or poor choice of location. Piped water and water pollution is legally permitted theft and criminal waste of a most precious resource. 

All these toxic hazards are shielded from public scrutiny. Their impact today is so pervasive that even the local policies in a small town or an urban ghetto are heavily influenced by global memes that are driven by a. global money control and b. global information control. The extent of vulnerability and disadvantage might vary in severity from one human habitat to another on planet Earth. However, channelizing the global money and information flow in an appropriate and effective manner, can turn the global crises into a global opportunity with the “red alert” issued by the United Nations that global governments are “nowhere” near the goals of Paris Climate Agreement and to call for 45% reduction in emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. It warns of “irreversible loss of the most fragile ecosystems and deepening crises for most vulnerable peoples and societies”.

Objective: To create a shared vision for Localized, Abundant, and Circular Economy globally based on a pluralistic and inclusive approach b. global emergency enforceable mandate through the United Nations and c. to create a roadmap for coordination monitoring and facilitation of local implementation simultaneously around the world by 2030.

In our approach, the local community must use every inch of habitable land available on the ground, on the terrace, and basement area – By Moving from Car Culture to Cycling Culture to Free Localised Space and Time (click this article in counterview.org) – in order to be abundant in most to all their daily needs such as food, water, education, healthcare, workplace, culture, sports. If the community is stuck in an inhospitable region to meet its daily needs locally, it should move to a naturally habitable region. Salient features of the LACE model are as follows:

  • Every neighborhood must endeavor to become Carbon Sinks with a time-bound target to contribute towards averting climate catastrophe.
  • It must eliminate any wasteful use of land and convert existing lawns and ornamental gardens to make way for vegetables, fruits, shade trees and indigenous livestock farms, for harvesting every single drop of rain water, restore its natural waterways and to eliminate, reuse, recondition, repair, recycle and upcycle all its waste – solid, liquid and gaseous within the Smart Neighborhood to become Zero-to-Landfill
  • It must STOP stealing water from elsewhere and reduce its dependencies in a phased but time-bound manner
  • It must make adequate provisions to provide classrooms, workplaces, healthcare and marketplaces within walking or cycling distance within the neighborhood or to adjoining neighborhoods

The solution is transformational and virally scalable. It can be implemented by 31st May 2021 worldwide.  LACE Model is an amalgamation of two diverse, synergistic and symbiotic approaches – a. New Urbanism and b.  Indigenous town and country planning. Global Academy of Indigenous Activism (GAIA) is a social and cultural organization focused on leveraging traditional knowledge systems for accelerated achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, Smart neighborhoods, and Universal Livelihood Security based on every individual’s uniqueness, social and individual needs, and aspirations.  There is a tremendous pull across human society worldwide especially among the youth and children which will accelerate access to its benefits in a pluralistic and inclusive manner to create a world that is livable equitable and sustainable. For the older generations, it is guided by the indigenous belief that we don’t inherit the planet from our forefathers. We borrow it from our children.

LACE model comprehensively covers every aspect of WASH (WAter Sanitation Hygiene) and healthy space exponentially based on our wholistic non-compartmentalized approach:

  • Water and sanitation accessibility –  Create localized water abundance and zero water wastage with regional water harvesting including greywater; elimination of black water with mandatory dry eco-toilets and mandatory zero industrial and another effluent with deterrent penalties and shutdown for a repeat offense
  • Gender equality, disability, and social inclusion – Yes
  • Implementation of a community-level affordable WASH business model and digital payments system – Yes
  • Circular WASH solutions (greywater recycle and reuse), climate-resilient infrastructure – Yes
  • Water-sensitive urban design or nature-based solutions (rain gardens, recharge wells, retention ponds, etc.) – Yes
  • Solid waste management and healthy spaces – Yes

Other projects which do not fit the above categories but focus on WASH and healthy spaces – By moving from Car Culture – automobile-dependent built-up habitat to Cycling Culture – people and ecological friendly built-up habitat, the LACE model creates both localized space and time for community participation to meet all the abovementioned objectives.

How will your solution benefit the community?

The benefits to the community that the solution leads towards can be enlisted as follows:

1. Food and Water Security and Abundance

2. Zero-to-Landfill, Water and Air Pollution within permissible limits

3. Waste to Wealth

4. Eco-freindly Transportation with Localisation of daily needs

5. Energy abundance from natural sources

6. High quality Health & Nutrition

7. High quality Education & Livelihoods

8. Overall high quality of life

9. Equitable and Just Society

What will be the role of the award in your larger solution narrative? 

The award will help us pump prime a new global narrative with a enforceable mandate and roadmap for LACE model that will spawn whole new ecosystem as human societies begin to reconfigure their habitat. This will also be a great step towards reharmonizing human habitats with natural ecosystems that have been badly damaged and need our compassionate healing and restoration leading to a much needed reset and a harmonious pluralistic and inclusive new world order with deeper, multi-dimensional and long-lasting change across the world.

How do you plan to execute the solution in 2 months?

  • Week 1 –  Stock Taking Webinar with 21 leading global influencers – UN Secretary-General, 10 Heads of State from each geographical region, 10 non-state influencers – Scientist, Artist, Journalist, Activist, CSO from diverse geographies – 30 minutes presentation on LACE model followed by 120 minutes interaction each over 2 days; followed by Shared Vision – 2 days and Creating Roadmap workshop – 2 days;
  • Week 2 – Table the report before UN Secretary-General office requesting to summon an Emergency session of General Assembly to present the resolution for Accelerating Access through LACE Model
  • Week 3 – General Assembly sessions to present a resolution for the LACE model and create a Global Taskforce for this purpose for full implementation before 31st December 2030
  • Week 4 – Global discourse to create a suitable climate for implementation of LACE Model and formation of regional and local community taskforces
  • Week 5 – Announcement of rewards & incentives as wel as deterrent penalties for non-compliance
  • Week 6 – Global Regional and Local level Help Desks created for facilitation, monitoring and conflict resolution
  • Week 7-8 Eight Demonstration Projects start – one each for every 1 billion human population in every region

*Convener, Global Academy for Indigenous Activism, Chief Mentor and Innovation Coach, GAIA Innovation Labs, Ghaziabad

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