Does Bill Gates have a point with his depopulation agenda?

Transcript of conversation which took place between three experts, AK Bhatia, Rich K Nang and Chandra Vikash, in response to a post on Mr Bill Gates, one of the key members of the global ruling elite  and chief architect of the Covid Pandrama that is yet unfolding with its now ubiquitous masks, sanitisers, “social distancing” lockdown and now the series of vaccines with intermittent new waves of the doctored pandemic turned into an engineered endemic with all its legal privileges:

CV: Bill Gates might have a point. If human society cannot curtail its consumption, only other recourse is depopulation through vaccine euthanasia in order to restore ecological balance. What else?

AKB: It is a well known fact that education and population growth move in opposite directions. More educated the people lower is the growth rate. For example compare Bihar with Kerala.  In most European countries the native population is shrinking (though more than compensated by migration). Hence, population control is possible through education.  Our political system prefers illiteracy because जहालत के खेत में उल्लू पैदा  होते हैं।

CV: Educated people also have very high consumption, much lower contribution to many esential products and services and below replacement fertility rate. Taking many other factors into account, i would be lots more circumspect about modern education.  

AKB: Modern education has certain lackings but the domain of shortcomings is so different for different societies and religions that modern education seems the best bet. While education and population growth are opposite of each other, the consumerism sits on the side of education and higher income. Its being realized by many people that Consumerism is an unsustainable way of life. But vested interests wouldn’t let it move down.

CV: Agree so much with your diagnosis direction. Cycling Culture in combo with LACE model for localised abundance and circular economy is the answer (click here)

AKB: Chandra Vikash agree.  Corona has shown that the labour class (mostly free of co-morbidities) were least affected.  Cycling is a healthy way of life –  in many ways.  Good for health, prevents lifestyle diseases such as diabetes,  BP, obesity,  etc. and reduces congestion on the roads, and pollution. 

CV: We need major legislative changes to put cars on motoring tracks.

RKN: Bill Gates don’t have a point. The Gates, the Attenborough, speak from ruling class double speak microphones…. “consumption”, rather than empire (transnationals, capital elites, ruling elites, military industrial complexes…) is at fault? The reaper of plunder from privileged positions is deflecting the accountability to the masses they profit from, rather obscene…. bill didn’t become rich by shear hard work, his mother/father is part of the corporate board directors, including IBM…. his “solution” to “poverty”, is not examining IMFs et al but the reproductive behavior of villagers in India and Africa…. obscene!

CV: Even as I agree with every bit of what you say about Bill Gates that he is an ace hypocrite and criminal, my simple thinking aloud is this.  Are we better off with the drama enacted by Bill Gates and the Ruling Elites or not?My simple answer is that human minds have a tendency to get sucked iNto the swamp of overconsumption and gluttony making it a matter of social status and thus a necessity. I have seen people around me educated attractive talented people doing that. They put pressure on me and my ilk all the time to submit and comply. They treat us badly, threaten us to make us fall in line. They tell us to put masks, follow lockdown and not to question the hoax.  All these decades when we asked them to give up the Right to Pollute with all the motorcars air-conditioning electrical appliances air travel vacations and what not, did they listen? In this larger picture my answer is a resounding yes.

RKN: Chandra I get your point…. I’d add this … the materialism of SOME segments of the populace is a product of the system the ruling class design… the competitive spirit were encouraged in school children… success as dictated by the world of monetarism (which the elite designed) further pushed parents and children in the direction of competition and materialism… … in other words, the ruling class destroyed the world order, ie amerindians’, and replaced it with Monetarism and Capitalism, European style, what’s regular mom and pop, to do…. 

CV: The pandrama is a clear admission by the ruling elites that they have lost control over their earlier claims of making lives better for all and the only option to them is to depopulate by culling a vast majority of humans who continue to be their loyal slaves and subjects. They have even made it simpler to identify them. They are all wearing masks even as the ruling elite themselves are not. All we have to do is to observe the unfolding drama as the loyal subjects and slaves die off and the ruling elite commit suicide or are ambushed like Hitler and Mussolini. They are keenly aware of their destiny. Only the truly indigenous shall survive. 

*AK Bhatia is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and an industrialist. He also writes poetry and blogs; Rich K Nang is an indigenous thinker and activist. Rich is of Chinese origin, grew up in Hawaaii and currently stays on a farm in Las Vegas; Chandra Vikash is an indigenous thinker and activist. He is convener of GAIA – Global Academy for Indigenous Activism. His interview recently produced by Neo Classical Studios is here on YouTube

4 thoughts on “Does Bill Gates have a point with his depopulation agenda?

  1. You can say all this, and I agree. But mere words will not stop the ultra-billionaires who imagine themselves the savior of humankind. To see their image of an ideal world, read or watch H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine for a glimpse. The majority of humans are to be the Eloi and a small number of managers are the Morlocks.


  2. Mr Gates and others see promise in hCG antigen inserted into vaccinia. This does not kill born people. The way it works is to sterilize or markedly reduce average fertility of reproductive age females.
    When an embryo begins to implant in the endometrium, it emits human Chorionic Gonadotropin to suppress the mother’s immune response to foreign organisms (like that of the embryo). The antigen overrides this by causing the mother’s immune system to be triggered by the embryonic hCG emission, causing the endometrium to reject the embryo, which soon dies and is discharged along with the endometrium in the next menstrual flow.
    Strict antiabortionists are opposed to birth control methods that cause or may cause the death of an already-generated human being organism. Therefore they are opposed to such birth control methods as this.


  3. Doesn’t matter if he has a point. He has NO authority to tell people how to run their lives and how many children they can have (does ANYONE??). He’s trying to control the people, control the world, and now, with his buying up all the farmland, control our food (AND … wants to limit people on how much beef they can eat.) He IS NOT our president, our dictator, our controller, our conscience, NOR our Lord!!!


    1. You can say all this, and I agree. But mere words will not stop the ultra-billionaires who imagine themselves the savior of humankind. To see their image of an ideal world, read or watch H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine for a glimpse. The majority of humans are to be the Eloi and a small number of managers are the Morlocks.


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