Crisis of overproduction culpable for greenhouse gases, plunder of ancestral lands

By Beverly Longid*

In its latest report, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has abridged the current situation of the climate crisis and what is to come if action is not taken against it. 

Indigenous Peoples, who are the foremost protectors of the environment, are one of the most to suffer if action is not taken against the climate crisis. The worsening climate conditions mean the destruction of the environment around them for which they rely on for their food, water, and shelter. Indigenous communities are susceptible to disasters that may arise due to the climate crisis if the current world order continues to wreck these communities.

Indigenous Peoples, for a long time have been in the forefront of the struggle to protect our planet, defending their lands against foreign monopoly capitalists, transnational and multinational corporations razing the resources and the land that they rely on. It is not surprising that in ancestral lands and territories where they apply their centuries of traditional knowledge and indigenous practices is also the areas which are sustainably protected with richest biodiversity.

While taking note of the IPCC’s report that humans have caused ‘unprecedented’ and ‘irreversible’ change to climate, the reality is that inequality puts the most vulnerable and marginalized population, including Indigenous Peoples, living in the world’s poorest countries to increased susceptibility to damages caused by climate crisis. The accountability of the imperialist countries contributing to 41.5% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, as compared to a 100 countries which only account for only 3.6% global emissions, must also be underscored. Breaking this down further, the energy sector as the biggest greenhouse gas emitter mainly serves to power the the world’s giant corporate industries, mega manufacturing and agribusinesses among others.

The crisis of overproduction effectuated by imperialism is culpable for leaving behind unbridled amounts of greenhouse gases. It has also continuously carried out the plunder of ancestral lands, destruction of forests, wrecking of mountains and their seemingly endless ravaging of the world’s biodiversity and natural resources all in the name of profit. Throughout the years, only hollow commitments came out from the world’s richest countries and biggest multinational companies to address the problem of climate change. It continues to pass on the responsibility to the people and preserve the current world structure that systematically destroys the planet at profit’s expense.  Imperialism is the most blameworthy for augmenting the climate crisis.

The International Indigenous Peoples’ Movement for Self Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) stands with all Indigenous communities and everyone fighting against the climate crisis and its root causes. Oppressed peoples of the world must support this struggle along with Indigenous Peoples in defense of the planet and to stop imperialism from further blighting the planet and compromising the future of our people. 

*Global Coordinator, International Indigenous Peoples’ Movement for Self Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL)

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