Dalits celebrate Samvidhan Shakti Yug across India on November 26

Pradip More*

Almost 13,000 villages participated in a programme held across India to honour the Constitution of India. This is the first time in the history of India that people came forward in such a big number to strengthen constitutional values by celebrating Constitution Day as Constitution Power Era (Samvidhan Shakti Yug) by lighting the lamps. It has united people from the villages and motivated them. The politicians joined after knowing villagers are involved in the initiative. Children made birds of the constitution through origami work.

Celebrations were also held at Pratapsingh High School, Satara, Maharashtra, where Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar started his schooling from 1st to 4th std. Children made birds of the Constitution along with their teachers. Salma and senior activist and journalist Vijay Mandke led the process. Its emotional moment, as in this school Dr Babasaheb Ambekdar was forced to sit outside of the classroom and discriminated against every moment and now we are having a program to honour the Constitution written by him.

The Dalit Foundation has laminated the register of his admission as its very important document in Dalit movement.  Activists are feeling more confident after the program, it helped them to get more rooted and work on constitutional values. They are now conducting meetings for the program of Rakt Bandhuta on December 6th.

*With Dalit Foundation 

Some photographs:

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