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Dalit Shakti KendraThe e-platform, counterview.org,  is an attempt to fulfill a long-standing desire — the need to interact.  There are a large number of issues in society at large on which there has been little or no discussion. Call it indifference or whatever, the result of it is, there is lack of clarity on what should be done to resolve issues facing vulnerable sections of society.

As life becomes ever more complicated with unprecedented changes all around, the need for a viable action plan, too, requires a fresh look. Hence the need for an interactive website in order to raise people’s issues such as caste and class disparities,  empowerment of weaker sections of society, role of civil society and people’s organisations, socio-economic and cultural factors influencing life,  problems related with health and education and how these affect the poorer groups, and so on.

Our focus is to understand these problems in the context of livelihood and related issues of tribals, Dalits, women, socially and economically backward sections, and religious and linguistic minorities.

We seek to raise issues in order to make readers think towards viable solutions, think in a way that would help evolve a common minimum programme. Evolving such a programme, undoubtedly, is the need of the hour, as it entails not just understanding present but also past, even as connecting it with future.

It entails understanding solutions offered at various stages of history starting with Gautam Buddha. At the same time, we propose to look at solutions offered by great minds such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr BR Ambedkar, Jyotiba Phule and others. One need not necessarily agree on everything these great minds had to offer,  yet one can really draw a common thread — fight against poverty and oppression.

While our site is supported by several voluntary organisations, Navsarjan Trust, Dalit Shakti KendraJanvikas, and Centre for Social Justice, all Gujarat-based,  anyone who is concerned about the need for change, whether belonging to civil society, the academia, the student community,  or private individuals, is invited to participate, write and analyse ground realities, and suggest solutions.

Our Gujarati e-platform can be accessed at pratisad.wordpress.com

The e-platform has much in parallel with Conflictorium, a museum on conflicts set up in Ahmedabad with the idea to involve communities to bring about conflict resolution.

We invite social workers, experts and socially-concerned individuals to voluntarily write to us about their experience of ground realities and analysis of the current socio-economic realities as they see them. The articles should be free from political propaganda, written in a language that ordinary readers understand, and should be backed up with facts and figures.

Email id for sending articles, other communications is  counterview.org@gmail.com.  

Phone: +91 79 40176518

Edited and coordinated by Rajiv Shah

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  1. @mr mulla…every one knows naredra modi ordered killing of innocent people in gujarat in 2002..and such murder should not be allowed to subvert criminal justic system in india..Lies are Transient, Truth is Eternal..counterview is a great attemept towards relightning humanity in humans..Thank you..keep is up..!!

  2. your association with Centre for Social Justice says it all. haha ur a fraud propped by congress and anti-Modi army in this country consisting of libtards,leftists, maoists, terriorists and anti-nationals!

    1. Mr Mullah (whoever you are), you should argue out, whatever you want to say, instead of calling names like “you are a fraud” etc. And, why don’t you reveal your identity, instead of writing in such “names” like mullah? Why are you afraid? Of whom, by the way? Calling names is the favourite pastime of those who have nothing to argue out on issues, and wish to browbeat free and frank discussion. Such kind of effort only betrays cowardice, typical of those wanting to undermine efforts to stand up for human rights.

  3. nirbhaya waiting to happen in ahemadabad??????? cant u people stoop to any level lower??? since u are based out of ahemadabad I would say not everything is right in gujarat… feel sorry to be a fellow human

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