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Dalit Shakti KendraThe e-platform, counterview.org,  is an attempt to fulfill a long-standing desire — the need to interact.  There are a large number of issues in society at large on which there has been little or no discussion. Call it indifference or whatever, the result of it is, there is lack of clarity on what should be done to resolve issues facing vulnerable sections of society.

As life becomes ever more complicated with unprecedented changes all around, the need for a viable action plan, too, requires a fresh look. Hence the need for an interactive blog site in order to raise policy issues, including those concerting caste and class disparities,  empowerment of  the underprivileged sections, role of civil society and people’s organisations, socio-economic and cultural factors influencing life,  problems related with health and education and how these affect different sections, and so on.

We seek to raise issues in order to make readers think towards viable solutions, think in a way that would help evolve, if possible, a common minimum programme. Evolving such a programme is the need of the hour, as it entails not just understanding present but also past, even as connecting it with future. It entails understanding realities and finding solutions offered at various stages of history to issues around us.

While our site is supported by several voluntary organisations, Navsarjan Trust, Dalit Shakti KendraJanvikas, and Centre for Social Justice, all Gujarat-based,  anyone who is concerned about the need for change, whether belonging to civil society, the academia, the student community,  or private individuals, is invited to participate, write and analyse ground realities, and suggest solutions.

The e-platform has much in parallel with Conflictorium, a museum on conflicts set up in Ahmedabad with the idea to involve communities to bring about conflict resolution.

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Our Email id: counterview.org@gmail.com.  

Coordination: Rajiv Shah