Fact Checking Policy

Fact-Checking Policy

Our fact checking policy is our utmost goal where we aim to provide correct and accurate facts to our readers. Our portal will provide you with more details on Fact Checks. 

  • Verification of Sources: Before provisioning you with any information, we first check all the facts through all the news portals and the official website. We always Cross check the information from multiple sources to maintain the accuracy of data. 
  • Cross Verification: before submitting any claims, figures, statistics our writers undergo cross verification and various experts are often consulted and research is held at every step and the data is being compared to various sources.
  • Corrections: Whenever we see any error or missing data in our content, we tend to make corrections and transparency is our utmost priority.  If you feel that any correction has to be made from our side, you shall let us know. 
  • Independent Review: we often seek independent review at 2 stages: one when the writer sends us the report and the other when the editor makes corrections to the report. We don’t comply with any biases and present the data which is free from any sort of undue influence. 
  • Improvement: we believe in new and innovative techniques of work and believe in making changes in content which bring improvements. Audience feedback will help us to improve our data and provide data with accuracy and reliability.

By following all these principles, accurate, reliable and tru